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Each of the services below are available for Security CCTVAccess Control including Gates and BarriersIntruder Alarms and also Footfall People Counting Systems.
The wealth of experience available through Lloyd Asset Protection is extensive. This enables us to offer a comprehensive security advisory service.

lap_bullet_sm Pre Acquisition Survey

During the pre acquisition process site electronic security is often overlooked then resulting in a few surprises and additional costs when a site is added to a portfolio. The commission of a site survey before proceeding provides additional negotiation information, as well as avoiding unpleasant surprises later on.

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lap_bullet_sm Site Security Survey

Before deciding on the best solution a site survey can save a lot of wasted time. Attempting to resolve and control risk without considering the implications of things such as budgets, future plans and local environment will likely result in an inappropriate security solution.

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lap_bullet_sm Quotation Analysis & Installer Vetting

When presented with two or three Electronic Security Specifications, each detailing different equipment, all pro porting to be ideal, and the best solution. Just how do you choose? Lloyd Asset Protection can unravel the mystery and advise on which specification and which installer is the most suitable.

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lap_bullet_sm System Design

Attempting to get two or three quotations can be difficult, as each installer has to invest a considerable resource in providing accurate information. Without the awareness that a project can be won, installers can be reluctant to provide the information required. A site Security survey by Lloyd Asset Protection survey can provide sufficient information without the need for full tender documents, allowing 2 or 3 installers to quote easily against a detailed design, thereby allowing a like for like price comparison.

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lap_bullet_sm Existing System Investigation

When the worst happens and there is an incident on your site, the suspected failure of a Security system to provide the anticipated protection is difficult to determine, but essential to ensuring that sites are secure. A full investigation of an existing system will report why and how, if indeed, a system failed to protect. Providing clear detail of responsibility and what actions should be taken.

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lap_bullet_sm Service Monitoring

All systems should be professionally maintained to ensure that they are fully functional and able to provide the security that has been employed. The reality is that maintenance can lack thoroughness resulting in even a good system poorly performing, and this only becoming apparent when a security incident is reported. By carrying out regular spot checks we can pick up such problems or confirm suspicions.

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lap_bullet_sm Tender Document Preparation

Large systems are often handed over to M&E Contractors as part of a larger project. This vital part of the site security is then specified by a sub contractor who will often have no site involvement after the installation has taken place. The design and equipment is therefore chosen for price rather than responding to the site risks.

Providing full Security Equipment tender documents ensures the design is right, but also ensures that appointed installers are benchmarked for price.

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lap_bullet_sm Project Management

Many projects benefit from monitoring during the process from design to installation. This is a role that requires expertise, but also time. Two things that are understandably in short supply to Asset and Property Managers.

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lap_bullet_sm Technology Training Days

Keeping up to date with technology is our job, but sharing the results is also our job. This service offers full or half day opportunities to visit a dedicated briefing facility to allow you and your team to see first hand what the industry has to offer. These days are designed to be informal events, allowing you to request specific requirements or to gain an overview of all sectors.