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Lloyd Asset Protection provide independent expertise to advise on a range of issues, from pre acquisition surveys to full tender document preparation and project management, and everything in between.

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Lloyd Asset Protection provides the Commercial Property Market with expertise from the Electronic Security Industry to ensure the appropriate and most economic security solution

How do I choose the right security solution?

The continuing development of electronic security is a double edged sword for the modern Asset or Property Manager who has the responsibility of ensuring a site is secure. The ever increasing improvements are certainly welcome, but without in depth investigation choosing the right one is near impossible with any confidence. The problem of this constantly changing security technology is being able to distinguish which equipment should be used, and its suitability to an individual security issue for the property or asset manager who has little time to investigate and instruct a Security installation or service.


Do these questions sound familiar?

  • How do I choose a Security Solution to protect my sites?
  • How to distinguish between 2 or 3 quotations?
  • How can I assess existing equipment on an inherited site?
  • How can I check that what I’m being sold is what I need?
  • How can I value electronic security systems during site pre acquisition negotiations?
  • How can I find a solution when resources or local services are limited?
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    Its all about listening to the market in CCTV Security industry. Pelco Schnieder have done just that and offer a bespoke colour coding service for CCTV camera housing. This is not just restricted to CCTV camera housing color but also available as a matching patterns …

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  • So what do I do?

    Lots of people ask me what I do, so this blog is dedicated to all those who want to know. Does your site or building need a security solution? This vital question is possibly easy to answer but hard to solve. Why? because many factors …

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  • Now that is cheap!

    Not my normal subject but just had to mention this offer I was sent by London Midland trains. Follow the link and claim your voucher to travel anywhere for £10 return. If you feel lavish, pay an extra £10 to go first class! Let …

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  • Victim not allowed to view CCTV?

    This is an interesting story as it shows how the CCTV controller has the right to refuse requests for CCTV footage. The basis of the refusal is that the evidence requested shows individuals other than the person requesting the information. This can be frustrating, but …

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  • CCTV and the right to view it

    CCTV evidence is becoming everybody’s to use, as the Data Protection Act empowers the individual. Here is a great landmark story: Judgment was delivered on July 5th, 2011, by Judge Jacqueline Linnane. A woman who fell on the stairs of a Dublin bus was entitled …

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