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So what do I do?

Lots of people ask me what I do, so this blog is dedicated to all those who want to know.

What do I do?

Does your site or building need a security solution?
This vital question is possibly easy to answer but hard to solve. Why? because many factors will effect the choice of the type of solution that is best for your site. This is even more difficult as each solution provider will only advise on their type solution and no doubt tell you why it is the solution for you. They are also unlikely to advise on the drawbacks of each solution for fear of loosing your confidence.

So before you can even look at pricing the process becomes frustrating and many sites spend money in ignorance, and wonder why they later feel disappointed.
You need an independent view. Lloyd Asset Protection

Can you confidently choose your site solution provider?
Once you have chosen your solution, there still remains the challenge of choosing a solution provider, difficult when your knowledge of the technical aspects of the solution are limited. This is a difficult process compounded by the insistence of the service providers to design solutions around what best suites them.
You need an independent design. Lloyd Asset Protection

Can you afford an independent consultant?
If what you’ve read so far is the position you find yourself, then the next question is bound to be “can I afford to ask an independent consultant to ensure that my investment is maximised and my costs minimised?”
The answer is YES!
…and it costs nothing to ask the question. The benefit of a consultant is that you will save money on the solution but not at the cost of a reduced quality. The savings most often cover any costs of an independent view.

The next step…
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