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Remotely Monitored CCTV correctly provided

The CCTV industry and Remote CCTV Monioting Stations have been plagued by cost cutting the resulting poor service. Remote CCTV Monitoring Stations can only provide a level a manned monitoring in relation to what they are paid. Users of Remotely Monitored CCTV are often unaware that their service is reduced. The CCTV installers can negotiate discounts with the remote CCTV monitoring stations by offering a collection of clients sites. The savings made are normally only enjoyed by the CCTV installers with users still paying the original fees.

Lloyd Asset Protection partnered with Cougar Monitoring to provide a correct level of remote CCTV Monitoring which is called Alarm Investigation Monitoring .

Professional Security

The article in Decembers Professional Secuirty Magazine covers the Open Day recently held at Cougar Monitoring to promote Alarm Investigation Monitoring.


5 Steps to effective remote monitoring

Attendees were taken through the improvements offered, particularly around incidents being investigated not just benefiting from a quick live view of the CCTV system. PTZ cameras are used to explore the site and ensure that any alarms are fully checked. The success of this Alarm Investigation Monitoring is quickly gaining support and users as well as concientious installers are requesting this type of Remote CCTV Monitoring.

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