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The IP CCTV Debate

Wow, if you want to start a debate in the CCTV industry, just mention this subject. Opinions differ greatly as to what type of system is the best to choose, IP or traditional analogue?

Join the Debate on IP CCTV

Join the Debate for IP CCTV

The answers seem to be wrapped up in the type of CCTV solution required, and that solution is very dependant on the site to be protected.

The main problem is that even though the latest “High Definition”(HD) Cameras available with the IP solution offer some superb image capture, the benefits of these superior images are lost on much of the existing equipment used. For example, no matter how good the camera, unless the monitor used to display the images is also HD, the benefit is lost on general viewing. The same with recordings.

The legacy problem, of so much existing analogue equipment, continues as sites battle with updating a system but not wanting to replace everything, like cabling. Devices exist that convert standard analogue to digital, but these are expensive and have not proved popular. The IP market is still only 20% of the CCTV market, and most of that is on new installations, mainly offices where existing networks can be utilised.

My advice, until things even out is use Hybrid equipment. This type of equipment allows an existing site to update equipment that can run as analogue for the existing system, but will also run IP when the need demands.

How do you know which equipment is Hybrid?  Ask the question.

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