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How to re-deploy CCTV Equipment.

“Technology moves on, and you’re better off forgetting that CCTV equipment when you’re demolishing a site? “

“Well it ain’t necessarily so!”

Yes technology moves on, but if it caught a crime before, then it can do again, even if it is a few years old.

When demolishing a site, or even changing its status so that the CCTV system is no longer required, it doesn’t have to mean that all the money invested in now lost.

One recent CCTV system that utilised Remote Monitoring and was only installed just a few years ago, became redundant as the Factories it was  protecting were to be demolished.

The next step was to employ a permanent guard to protect the site, soon to be a large flattened area, ideal for travellers. However, a quick thinking Surveyor suggested redeploying the CCTV to cover the vacant site and remove the need for a guard.

Re Deploying CCTV Equipment

Whilst some new structural equipment would be needed to locate the Cameras, and a few clever parts added to make the system work,  the basic equipment could easily be re employed and save almost £100,000 in guarding costs.

In times of recession, the clever re use of equipment is a sensible solution. Cameras don’t need buildings to sit on, and recording equipment can be housed safely in steel cabinets.

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