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A good CCTV system is cabled neatly

As Independent Security Consultants we realise that much of the work of a CCTV installation is hidden from view. The efforts by CCTV installation engineers are often unseen and good CCTV engineers are conscientious and not fully appreciated. Neat CCTV cabling is evidence of good engineers who care about the work they do. As Independent consultants we look for the hidden things such as CCTV cabling. The service and maintaining of the CCTV system after the installation is reliant on the good work behind the scenes.

Smart Security of Farnborough are currently completing a Remotely Monitored CCTV project for Lloyd Asset Protection and they are to be congratulated for the neatness of the CCTV cables.

Its the hidden CCTV work that really shows the installation quality!

The picture above shows the equipment cabinet with 2 ADPRO FASTTRACE 2 units. 20 CCTV Cameras are connected along with Optex detectors and audible address speakers.

Cabling can soon become a tangled mess making future work difficult. Well done Smart Security.

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