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Well designed CCTV provides the detail to prosecute

Its good when a plan comes together…

Recently Lloyd Asset Protection were employed to design and oversee a Remotely Monitored CCTV Installation project near London.

One of 360 vision Infra Red Dome CCTV Cameras used in the design

As independent security consultants we are proud of our ability to design appropriate and effective CCTV security systems and there is nothing more rewarding than when the CCTV design provides the CCTV evidence required so that prosecution can take place.

The site in question is open to the public during the day and protected by the Remotely Monitored CCTV at night. The CCTV system acts as a high quality recording system during the day so when the incident requiring CCTV evidence occurred during the day, the incident was captured with such image quality as to provide the detail required.

The CCTV images are subject to the Data Protection Act and can’t be shown here, but the description of what was recorded speaks for itself.

“The crime was committed and recorded on the CCTV system. The occupants of a dark blue Volvo V40 registration number S** B*U. The vehicle has one defective headlight. A black Nissan van parks up in B&Q car park at 15.03 on March 9th.
CCTV Camera 3, a PTZ Camera with infra red illumination, shows the arrival of the Volvo, which circles around the front of the store before parking up alongside the Nissan van.  Two occupants get out of the Volvo and one appears to stand watch whilst the other opens the rear cargo doors to the Nissan van.  They unload items from the Nissan van into the boot of the Volvo.  The Volvo stops in front of an occupied Navarra pick up vehicle before leaving site, so the occupants will have seen the incident.
The Volvo exits the gates at 15.11 hrs, turning left onto the North Circular.”

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