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VNPR CCTV Camera comes up to scratch.

The offer from an CCTV installer to provide a single camera to not only record number plates but also act as an overview camera was interesting to hear and the results were good.

The ANPR camera was an addition to a CCTV system being installed for remote monitoring and is not used to operate gates or barriers, just record vehicles entering a trading park near London.

The camera is a DVC JC-COM-25. Installed for just over £1200.00The CCTV camera is an all in one ANPR CCTV camera offering high resolution mono CCTV images and comes with a 10-40mm varifocal auto iris CCTV lens. The ANPR camera has 20 special IR (Infra red) LEDs and incorporates dual glass technology which completely eliminates IR LED reflection into the lens at night. The camera captures images of moving vehicles up to 110mph at 30 metres Mounted in a robust aluminium tube housing, the camera is IP66 rated for external use.

The results speak for themselves:

The image was downloaded via a 3G connection, so slightly pixulated.

The client was delighted and quickly told his colleagues that this was his first CCTV installation he had instructed that had been installed early, on budget and was a work of art.

We can’t claim all the credit, the CCTV installer was excellent and we’ve already appointed them on 2 more sites!

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