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Anti Tailgating Device- a great fit for Access Control!

Tailgating is a problem for many of our clients when trying to access control a building. Intruders follow, or Tailgate, an authorised person through an access controlled door and then target unsuspecting tenants, stealing Laptops, Handbags in fact anything they see as valuable. Tailgating is difficult to stop.

Office buildings that have multiple tenants but a common entrance, or even large single tenancy building where the amount of staff restricts the ability for everyone to know everyone, are vulnerable to Tailgating.

Bi3 TD Flex
As Independent Security Consultants we were challenged by this problem at a London Office building. and Advanced Access‘ Stuart Griffiths introduced us to Bi3‘s Anti-Tailgating system can detect and count the number of people accessing secure areas. If an unauthorised person Tailgating attempts to enter a secure area the Bi3 Anti-Tailgating system will not open the door to the authorised person until the Tailgating person steps back. The anti tailgating system works on standard, swinging and sliding doors, and also turnstyles.


The device works by scanning the area in front of the door to be protected from Tailgating. The anti tailgating device can be adjusted to suit each site, but once a “second” person or tailgater is picked up on the system an alarm sounds and the access control door will not open. Once the Tailgater steps back away from the door, the access control fob can be re-presented and the door will open. If the tailgating person then attempts to enter the door before it closes, an alarm will sound either locally or at a separate location and the tailgater can be confronted or more likely followed off site.
TDSI Anti Pass Unit


TDSI Anti Tail 1
The device is designed to be located above the Tailgating door but can be fitted within ceilings to enable a more aesthetically pleasing result.

The anti tailgating device has now been installed and working for some months with a noteabale lack of Laptop thefts since. A big thanks to Stuart Griffiths from Advanced Access and Bi3 who were excellent in support throughout.



Bi3 have a great Youtube Video to watch, and they certainly got our vote!