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How to make your car unique!

Not the normal blog, but I felt I had to blog about a company in Nottingham called Mint my Ride, who took my car and changed the dash board and trim, with excellent results.

I felt that interior of my car was dull, and mainly due to a grey burl trim that seemed lost amongst the dark surrounding colours. Married to an Interior Designer, I’ve learned a few things, not least the use of accent colours to bring an environment to life. So why not use this principle in a car?

Lets have a look at the original…

Before the transformation

Ok, its not that bad, but when you sit in a car 4-8hours a day, a little can mean a lot.

Paul & Laine at Mint my Ride, not only offered every help, but they did it with enthusiasm. Choosing from a range of finishes, I chose silver carbon fibre. They took the car in then spent half a day removing the trim and changing the surface to this…

After the Transformation

The photos above don’t show the finish well, so here’s a closer photo.

Silver Carbon Fibre

Not only is this a great way of sprucing up your interior, but also can be removed to leave your original finish at a later date.

And if that’s not enough, they can wrap your whole car to change the colour! (click to go to the web site)

I can’t recommend them enough. Thanks guys.