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Security and the rule of “wedowdodat”

Its seems amazing to me that in a climate where CCTV installers say that business is tough, I keep coming across the statement “wedowdodat” or otherwise known as “we don’t do that”! Not even “we can’t do that” but “we don’t” ???

The “that” I see is an unwillingness to listen to the clients about what they need, and instead try and force them down a route of what the installers want to sell them. It may be the type of technology, or that fact that the client wants a comprehensive maintenance?



One installer, when recently challenged as to why their prices were so high, said unashamedly ” Well we prefer to install other equipment( i.e. non generic in this case) and quoted extra because we want to discourage the client from using that equipment. In this case the specified equipment was an ADPRO Fast Trace 2! One of the best know pieces of equipment for remote monitoring!

ADPRO FastTrace 2

Clearly knowing what you’re installing is essential, but thats why I always encourage a generic design so that all companies can quote.

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