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The Value of Pre Acquisition Surveys or Due Diligence

I know its obvious now…but…

When buying new sites for your portfolio, a pre acquisition survey is important and mandatory. But how often, if ever, does that survey cover the existing site security, and more importantly, the suitability and current state of the CCTV or Access Control System.

Inappropriate CCTV Equipment

I was recently called to a site as a matter of urgency when the Asset Manager found the site his company had bought with, as they supposed, a full CCTV system, had nothing when he arrived, as the departing tenants had taken it with them. The actual ownership, was never determined, and any evidence to show title of goods is missing.

The result is not only additional costs for the Asset Manager, but a vulnerable site until the new equipment can be installed. Adding Security to a pre acquisition survey must be a sensible consideration.

Could this have saved you time, money and frustration?
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